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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"More, more, more!"

Ben and Hugh both LOVE trucks. They have books of trucks that they fight over. They have hot wheel trucks that they hide from each other. They like to watch youtube videos of trucks. Whenever a truck passes by they pause in complete adoration. Hugh will pull out his higher pitched voice and say, "aaahhh, truck!" while pointing in its direction and leaning forward with excitement.

Ben isn't saying truck consistently yet, but the other day he did something even cuter. We were out on our afternoon walk and approaching an intersection with an ambulance coming toward the same intersection. So, I stopped about fifty feet from the corner to let the boys watch it pass by. (I didn't want to be too close, in case the loud siren would scare them.) The noise and excitement were too much for Hugh and he just sat there, stunned. Ben, though, leaned as far forward as he could, with the stroller straps stretching to their limits, and then as quickly and emphatically as he could do it, he signed "more, more, more!"

It was so awesome! I wished I could have gotten it on video. We've been concerned a little about Ben and what seem to be a language delay and I've been trying sign language and other one-on-one activities with him to help him learn more words. His receptive language skills are improving by leaps and bounds lately, but we're still struggling a little with his expressive language.

But, there was something about that moment... it was so sweet and rewarding to watch him get so excited about that ambulance that he expressed it with a sign he's familiar with (though we mostly use it for wanting more food), and that he also expressed it without any prompting from anyone. It was a pure moment of the most honest expression of a true desire. And, it was beautiful!

These simple moments of motherhood are so joyful. I love watching my boys as they experience the world and feeling their excitement about things like trucks driving by and airplanes flying up above. When their eyes light up, it's just contagious. So, if you see me stopped at a street corner watching trucks passing by and pointing at the airplanes in the sky, come on over and enjoy the view with us! I'm not sure it gets any better than this.

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Christian and Jennifer said...

I think you're right! It really DOESN'T get any better than this! To see our kids learn and grow and express themselves is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Here's to happy truck watching! (I'll bet garbage day is one of the most exciting days of the week at your house, too!)