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Friday, September 30, 2011

Life with Boys

Where did September go? My absence around here should clearly indicate that I'm the mother of two very active toddler boys who are on the go go go, which actually requires me to be going even faster. I was warned of this, but it's pretty funny how often I find myself having to run in opposite directions.

It's been a busy month, mostly spent enjoying the final hot days of summer (as in triple digits), knowing that our rainy season will be just around the corner (which means like three straight months of rain in some cases).

Have I ever expressed how much fun it is to have boys?! They are fun and hilarious and so stinkin' cute! And, just in case you need some proof, here is just a glimpse of our last month:

Ben and Hugh - sword fighting with Grandma's silk flowers... boys will be boys!

Ben doing his yoga... a pretty common pose to find him in throughout the day:

Hugh finding yet another way to pester his big brother:

Hugh picking blackberries, not afraid of the thorns or the sour berries

The frog we found in the sand/water table in our backyard... he quickly became Ben's best friend, picking it up without any hesitation but with so much gentleness, then gently placing him back in the water after a quick blow on the face (we think that was his way of kissing it...haha!)... Hugh, on the other hand, didn't want to have anything to do with the little frog.

Here you can see the frog where Ben had placed him on the ledge, hoping he'd jump into the water again:

Hugh learning how to rake the leaves... might as well get them working young, right?!

Shouldn't every kid have a picture like this as a baby?

Or at least one like this:

I look at pictures like this one and am amazed at how fast the time is going... look how big he looks!

And, then I look at pictures like this and just about die laughing... how much will he hate me for this?! (He is normally dressed at all times, but on this particular day he had a bad rash, so I was letting him air out a little.)

So, yes, life is busy with these two. But, boring? No way! And, though I feel like I'm always saying it, I'll say it again and again:

I wouldn't have it any other way!


Mandi said...

I love all of your pictures! You got some pretty classic shots!

Allred Mom said...

Thanks for sharing! What great memories are in the making at your house! Those are 2 lucky boys to have such wonderful parents and grandparents! :)