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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catching up quick

Wow. What a week! It's hard to believe it was just a week ago we were surrounded by family and friends for our big weekend with Ben's sealing and both boys' blessings. The whole weekend is kind of a blur. We were rushing around, as my mom would say, "like chickens with their heads cut off." Recovering from it all has made this week feel extra long... I think that's mostly from the nostalgia that always seems to linger after loved ones have left. Everything has felt so quiet and empty, even with two active and loud babies to keep up with.

Speaking of... I'm starting to realize how quickly Hugh is catching up to Ben. When Marc came downstairs this afternoon from getting Hugh up from his nap, the first thing he asked me was if I had laid him down on his back. For naps, I always lay him on his tummy because he really sleeps better that way, so I told Marc that. Well, apparently the little guy had rolled himself over to his back at some point during (or after) his nap. We were a little surprised only because he hasn't shown any sign of rolling over at all when we're huddled over him. And, it's interesting since Ben's first rolls were from back to tummy. Funny that they're already doing things differently. 

I'm hoping to share some thoughts about our experience last weekend very soon, but for now I only have time to leave you with a few recent photos. 

* Our International Fashionistos - Ben in an outfit we bought in Australia, Hugh in a onesie from Italy... besides that - check out their sizes!

* Spontaneously holding hands

* Hugh with Grandpa

* Hugh with Aunt Celinda, and Daddy in the background

* Ben at the park with Grandpa, possibly dreaming of rockets

* Ben showing off his smooth crawling skills

* When Hugh stretches he always points his toes up... so cute!

* Ben's favorite time of day!


K said...

more wonderful photos! i love the one with the rocket -- hugh really is catching up fast! i have wonderful memories of sink baths when I was little :)

Mandi said...

Your pictures are awesome and so cute - but why wouldn't they be? Look at your subjects!

AK Thomas Family said...

So thrilled for you. What a beautiful eternal family you have:):):)

GlassBeach92 said...

they are the cutest angels. I love them. I love You!