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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Mourning Booth

This video just rang so true to me as I watched it, that I had to share it. Before going through my own mourning, I'm pretty sure I didn't truly understand how to mourn with those who mourn. I'm still learning. But, watching this just made me that much more grateful for the people in my life who haven't given up on me, who haven't gotten impatient with my grieving, who have stayed by my side even if they haven't known what to say. They have been there in every way, mourning with me and offering healing comfort simply by their presence through this dark, dark valley. I don't know how I would have survived the worst parts of the valley without their love and support. If you don't know how to mourn with someone, err on the side of being like the waitress. Seriously, my heart filled with warmth just watching that part. It is a holy response. Healing can come in miraculous ways just by being present in someone's life.


Inkling said...

I'm glad it spoke to you. It sure felt like a balm to my heart when I saw it on the blog of a mom of a Trisomy 18 baby. I've been wanting to email you, but just haven't managed to get my courage together enough to do that. In my times of sadness, I find myself becoming a hermit, and sometimes that even applies to blogs. But until I get my courage up, please know that I am grateful you have this blog to let us walk with you and learn as we watch your life of faith lived out with authenticity.

Andrea said...

Thank you Megan for sharing. So perfect! I'm so grateful for people like you that have sat next to me in my mourning booth...thank you Megan! Thinking of you as always.

Amy said...

That was a good video--thanks for putting that up.
I liked your last post, too. Good luck with your steps back in and remember to be really patient with yourself. There's no deadline.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Powerfully done- It is so true- the thought- "just walk beside me and be my friend".

Thank you for starting my day off with this message-

Becky Rose said...

great video megan. I hope you find your way out and that there is many people to sit with you until you do.

Greek Goddess said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to pass it on to some friends of mine who also lost a child. Btw, I'm a friend of Charity's from her LA days.

Christy Bishop said...

Beautiful! I like how the word waitress has "wait" in it. Love you!

Vic said...

I appreciated this post. [Dorotea - "Greek Goddess" above recommended I check out your blog.] My wife and I lost our little girl in May 2008, a little over a year ago. I'm sorry that you have to experience this pain. I hope that you have felt others mourning with you. That even when you have felt alone you have had the sense that the feeling isn't quite accurate. It was a beautifully done video.

Allred Mom said...

That was beautiful.
I love you!