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Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, we've been absent. The last two weeks have been filled with some good memories - time spent with family, mostly. We were in Seattle for almost a week with Marc's family. I seriously love the family I married into. (And, I swear, I'm not just saying that because they may or not be reading this right now....)

We took a bunch of photos, and as I was going through them I realized that Eliza and Reese happened to be standing in front of our camera for most of that week. Don't know how that happened... but aren't they cute?

I feel bad that we didn't get more photos of all the other family members we spent the week with. I think there were about 30 of us there hanging out, even though the photos don't prove that. 

Oh, here's one of Zac... 

and, one of Colton.

Lunch at Taco Time with Eliza, Joy, Bruce, and Celinda (the photographer):

Visiting the cemetery where Marc's grandparents and oldest brother, Robbie, are buried:

It had been way too long since we'd returned to the clouds and dampness of Marc's childhood. We were shocked to wake up to snow on two different days we were there. It only added to the joy of being with family. After the first snowfall, Marc and I went on a walk through the winter wonderland. We ended up at a Walgreens, where we bought Cherry Carmex, Fiddle Faddle, Chocolate Milk, and one other item that will remain unnamed. 

After the second snowfall, I was caught in a seriously snowball fight with Zac, Davis, Alida, Colton, Cherstin, Eliza, Reese, Bruce, Nicholas, and Brynn. For some reason I was their obvious target. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. I was totally out-numbered... that is, until 3-year old Eliza started feeling bad for me and joined my team. She sure showed them.

Our trips to Seattle never disappoint. We won't let another two years pass before coming back again. 


KieraAnne said...

Glad to hear you guys had such a good time. My sister and her husband lived in Seattle for several years, as well as one of my aunts and her family. I've always enjoyed visiting that area, it's just beautiful. :)

Carrot Jello said...

Too bad we didn't get to see more of you.
Wait, that sounded wrong.
Hmmm, it was nice to see you!