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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pizza Margherita

I've decided to share my most favorite pizza. It makes me a little nervous, actually. It looks so average that I'm afraid it won't be respected the way it deserves. Yes, it is simple... but that only adds to its magnificence. But, I have to warn that it'll ONLY turn out properly if you use the right ingredients. Just so you know... you've been forewarned. Even the slightest of alterations will completely mess it up. Just sayin'.

Pizza Margherita

1. Best Pizza Dough Recipe (previous post) - this dough recipe will make two 12" pizzas.

2. Homemade pizza sauce

3. Fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced NOT grated - you'll know it's fresh if it's packaged in water and says "Fresh Mozzarella" on the container. 

4. Real Parmesan - you'll know it's real if it DOESN'T come in a cylindrical green container with "Kraft" written on the outside and a strange powdery substance on the inside. If you're really serious, buy an actual wedge of parmigiano reggiano. Oh, so good!

5. Fresh basil

6. Pizza stone and cornmeal (if you have them)

DIRECTIONS: While the pizza stone is heating up in a 400 degree oven, stretch your dough as thin as possible and set aside. Prepare all other ingredients. When pizza stone is heated, pull it out of the oven. Sprinkle cornmeal on it, covering its surface. Carefully lay pizza dough on the cornmeal-covered stone, then start adding the ingredients on top of the dough - pizza sauce, mozzarella slices, light sprinkle of parmigiano, and the fresh basil (either as full leaves or chopped up, however you prefer). Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, give or take 5. (Sorry, I can't remember how long, exactly. The crust will be a light golden color when it's done.) It is seriously SO GOOD. 


Amy said...

Geeeez! I love Margherita Pizza! Mmmm. Thanks for these scrumptious (and authentic) recipes! Hope all is well!

Allred Fam said...

Ok I'll have to try this... but I'm not sure if I can buy these ingredients where I live!! This post reminds me of some friends of ours who both went to Italy on their mission and met there and then got married when they returned home (I think the wedding was like 3 weeks after he got home, she was home first and planned it all). Anyway, they used to make homemade red sauce and lasagna and pizza, and it was all about the "fresh basil" and not oregano, and the cornmeal, and how westerners ruin all kinds of true Italian food. They refused to go to Olive Garden with us, the food was awesome though.

Sam and Lacey said...

ummmm.. if only I could cook.

Allred Mom said...

YUM! Both of your pizzas look absolutely delicious! But, I'm not sure about the broccoli. Plain is one thing, but in pizza? LOL!