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Friday, November 7, 2008

Desires of the heart

Boyd K. Packer:

Some years ago a president of a student stake asked if I would counsel with a young couple. The stalwart young man and his lovely wife had recently been told, with some finality, that they would never have children of their own. They were heartbroken as they sobbed out their disappointment. What they wanted most in life, what they had been taught and knew was an obligation and a privilege beyond price (part of the Plan), they now were to be denied. Why? Why? Why?

I consoled them as best I could and offered comfort that really was insufficient to quiet the pain they felt. As they were leaving the office, I called them back and said: “You are a very fortunate and very blessed young couple.”

They were startled and the young man asked why would I say such a thing as that. Did I not understand what they had told me? Why would I say they were fortunate and blessed, when they were to be denied the thing they wanted most, children of their own.

I answered, “Because you want them. In the eternal scheme of things that will be of inestimable and eternal value.” The Lord has said that He “will judge all men according to their works; according to the desires of their hearts” (D&C 137:9). Many people now do not want children or want few of them or consider them a burden rather than a blessing.” They were a very blessed young couple.

When you understand the plan, you can cope with challenges in life which otherwise would be unbearable.


Andrea said...

What a wonderful story and great counsel from an amazing man. I know Heavenly father is aware of the desire of your heart Megan. He will compensate somehow, someday for the losses in your life. And when you are compensated just think of the undescribable joy that you will experience. I'm sure it will be an experience that very few could even understand. Because of that great desire you have in your heart your joy will be that much greater.
I think you are simply amazing! I continue to pray for you.

mindyluwho said...

Hi Megan. I have been catching up on your blog and as always I am touched and uplifted by the way you continue to have faith and hope. I always get teary reading about your feelings for your sweet little girls. I always come away feeling more appreciation and love for my own children. Thank you for continuing to share. You are a beautiful soul.