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Friday, December 7, 2007

Writer's Block

Okay, so I've had writer's block the last couple of days. It happens every once in a while, but never before have I felt the pressure so intense. And, for our faithful blog readers, who also happen to be very observant, you probably already know why.

I know, I know... it's such a silly thing to take so seriously. It isn't like it's that big of a deal. But, no matter how much my head tells my fingers that, it just doesn't work. My poor fingers just can't handle the pressure of writing...

our 100th blog post!

Yes, my friend, THIS post that you are reading is number ONE HUNDRED! And, I still don't know what to write about!

So, I asked our blog what it would like for its "100th post party"... and it has decided that it would like to receive comments from as many people as possible.
(We never realized we had such a needy blog. I guess we won't ask it that again.)

You can write whatever you'd like to write in the comment box; we encourage creativity and random thoughts. Haikus are good, too.

If you don't know what to write in the comment box, we'll give you a few options:

What is your preference between the following items?
Jif or Skippy?
Breyers or Dreyers?
Hidden Valley or Kraft?

If you don't happen to have a preference for any of the above, maybe you ought to have some serious blind-folded taste-testing this weekend. That's our favorite back-up Friday night date activity. Although, I think Marc's getting tired of being the blind-folded one.
Here are some quick instructions of how to leave comments:
1. Click the "comment" link at the bottom of this post.
2. Write your comment in the comment box.
3. Fill in the "word verification" code.
4. Choose your identity, which can be "anonymous" if you prefer that.
5. Publish your comment.


Kamie said...

YAY!! 100 POSTS!!! Congrats!

I think I have had writer's black for over a month now... and I don't have an excuse! Ha ha!

I am so very happy that I have been able to get to know you and your blog a little better! I have enjoyed it! I think you are both great people and I am so excited to read your blog everyday!

Oh, and by the way.... Breyers Natural Vanilla all the way baby! (And I don't usually like Vanilla!)

I look forward to your next 100 posts. :)

Kamie said...

Ha ha!! black=block

Kate said...

Congrats on your 100th post! :)
I don't like peanut butter, so neither on the first question.
B for the second
A for the third
Now I shall leave you with a Haiku:
Sunset disappears,
leaving autumny traces
in a rosy sky.

KellyLady said...

I love your blog...can't wait to read the next 100!

Amy said...

1> None of the above, Peter Pan
2> Breyers Cherry Vanilla
3> Hidden Valley

Happy hundredth! Thank you so much for you email - doing better today, just trying to articulate my emotions into a emotion-free email. Hah, yes, running away again. My blog will have to wait for a few more days.

Anyway, you rock. I am so happy and blessed to have found a friend in you, Megan. Thanks for your wellspring of encouragement. You're my hero. :P

azluvr said...

Did you know that Ukiah is Haiku spelled backwards? Ha.
You guys are doing great with the blog, keep it up!


Jamie said...

Hi Megan! I am Eric Butler's wife. I know we met MANY years ago. I don't know if you remember me. I got to your blog through Emi a month or two ago and check it occasionally. It is always fun to read, especially when you write about something specific to Ukiah or something that I know! Anyway, I just had to comment since you specifically asked for it.

I hope you enjoy the holidays!

Jamie Butler

Bryce & Brenley said...

First I think that you are an amazing writer! And a wonderful person!

Not much for PB
Not much for Icecream
Not picky about dressing

I guess I am kinda boring!

Congrats on your 100th post, that is so exciting!

*Carly* said...

okay so I just tuned into Oinkle Doinkle and I have NEVER laughed SO HARD in my life!!!! I am so glad be have a talent to write like that, I sure don't. That was SO refreshing!!! BTW Chunky Skippy all the way, it is a Staple and Ranch is the best made with sour cream!!! I like or LOVE any ice cream! It depends on the flavor which brand I get.

Marc and Megan said...

Kamie, I've loved getting to know you, too! (Thanks for leaving TWO comments!)

Kate, I LOVE your haiku! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly, thanks!! :)

Amy, the feelings are mutual!

E - yeah, isn't that so cool?? One more thing to love about our little hometown!

Jamie, of course I remember you. Thanks for leaving a comment! I'll have to think up some more stuff to write about Ukiah - just for you. :)

Brenley, "boring" is NOT the word I would choose to describe you. Pleasant, easy to please, accomodating, unselfish... you are such a great person! I'm so excited for your upcoming adoption! :)

Marc and Megan said...

Carly, you left your comment while I was writing my response to the other comments... yeah, isn't oinkle doinkle the best!! We love her, even more than her blog (if that's even possible)! She'll be happy to hear that you had such a good laugh! BTW, your preferences were the closest to mine! :)

*Carly* said...

i just read my comment and have NO idea what I was thinking while I was writing it, I guess I wasn't. It is suppose to say , I am glad that PEOPLE not that BE. LOL Oh well.

Heffalump said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! I hope you get increasing amounts of comments!

compulsive writer said...


Hidden Valley

Happy 100!!!

mrs. r said...

no pressure. just write when you feel like it. if it's a chore, it doesn't mean as much to your readers.

KieraAnne said...

Congrats on 100 posts! If only I could achieve that lofty goal someday... In answer to your questions; whichever is the cheapest. I'm not that picky. ;) Love reading your blog, keep up the good work!

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks everyone! :D

Calamity Jane said...

Jiff - hidden valley and definetly dryers - my family went wild for the american idol cake ice cream!

Congrats on the 100th post. you're a great and creative writer I have loved it.

mindyluwho said...

Finally getting caught up on your blog...happy 100!

Neither Jif nor Skippy, just fresh peanuts without all that sugar. But definately the chunky.


and for the dressing, I like Brianna's.

Merry Christmas!