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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Dream Job #1 and #2

Being a mother is BY FAR my number one aspiration, desire, dream, goal, purpose... whatever you want to call it, Motherhood tops my list and always has. Dream Job #1 is being a Mom. Hands down.

While I enjoy doing many things and can find happiness in almost any situation, I don't know that I have ever identified any "job" to be in the second place position. Until now, that is. I think I've finally found my dream job #2. Now, this is a job that really deserves the "dream" part in it's description... it would take a lot of dreaming to make this job a reality. But, one can dream, right?!

This lady's job has an incredible mixure of some of my most favorite things. I can't believe I never came up with it myself. I keep having day dreams about how I would do it my own way, and one thing that's certain is that the last stop would have to be a gelateria. There's nothin' like a large cone of gelato after a long day!

So, who wants to come tour Italy with me by jogging through the cobblestone streets, down the narrow alleyways, hearing the faint sound of a tenor warming his vocal chords, and smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries, all the while enjoying beautiful vistas of culture and history untouched by modernity. One day, one day...


*Carly* said...

Oh I am totally in, ANYTHING to do with ice cream and GELATO!!! Heck ya!!! That is the best. =)

Calamity Jane said...

sign me up!

Jamie B said...

Wow! That does sound nice. For now, I think I will just settle for eating a lot of ice cream!

By the way, I saw that you commented on "The R House{" blog! I grew up with one of her good friends, Mrs. Dub. I was surprised to see that you knew Lindsay too! What a small world!

Marc and Megan said...

Carly, I think you're the first person I've met that might just love ice cream as much as me! I know exactly where we'll go when we meet up!

Calamity, I knew you'd be game!

Jamie, yeah it is crazy how small the world is! It's always fun to make these connections! :)