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Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy First Year, Einstein

So, yesterday marked a year since we picked up Einstein at the animal shelter. The little guy has brought a lot of fun and happiness into our lives. When we first picked him up, he had a cold, slightly dirty ears, and a darling way of sleeping on the nearest shoulder available.

Einstein has since grown into a marvel of the animal kingdom - he enjoys playing fetch and teaching his adopted brother, Watson, how to wake up his owners in the morning. Here he is a year later, in a candid moment at the keyboard, helping Megan with a blog post:

Such a good kitty. *pat pat*


Kaitlin said...

Einstein ROCKS!!

Marc and Megan said...

thanks, kait! YOU rock!

*Carly* said...

that link was so funny of how cats wakeup their owners!!! I love it. I love cats cause they have some of the most intriguing personalities but somehow I have become allergic to them.

Marc and Megan said...

Carly, they are very intriguing! That's too bad that you're allergic to them. You can enjoy ours through the blog-o-sphere. :)