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Friday, June 10, 2011

Trucks, Trunks and Scavenger Hunts - Oh My!

While Hugh is keeping me busy with all the different hats he's wearing these days, Ben is keeping me on my toes. No matter how on top of things I think I am, I keep realizing that this little guy is always a couple of steps ahead of me.

One of Ben's most recent games (though I'm not sure he realizes it's a game or that I'm not particularly enjoying this game!), is hiding things in the least expected places. The other day he had taken off one of his socks and when it came time to head over to the park, I could not find that other darn sock anywhere. I searched and searched and searched and finally found it in the cupboard with the canned food.

On a different day, it was the same story except this time with his shoes. I never understood why it was so hard for parents to keep track of their kids' shoes... until now that I'm living with my very own 17-month old. I don't know what made me finally look here, but I found his shoes hiding behind this bowl in the kitchen.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you were to come to my house at any point between 6am and 6pm (when Ben isn't in his crib asleep), he will have a truck of some sort in each hand. And, maybe even carrying a third with the use of his two index fingers, holding it against his mouth.

Even when he gets too tired to stand (or sit), he'll just lay on the floor and roll the trucks back and forth, at times making a slight "vvvrrrroooommm" sound. And since Ben was invited to start going to the Nursery class at church two months before his 18-month birthday, every time I peek in on him he's in there with a truck of some sort in each hand, just as content as can be.

Ben still loves to play with his big truck, but rather than riding on it he mostly just pushes it around. Lately he has started to fill the trunk with things. One day it was a large bag of Cocoa Dyno-Bites. He'd found it in the cereal cupboard and I watched him as his carefully opened the lid of his trunk and placed the large bag on top. Then, he proceeded to push it around the house until he got so tired that he laid down and pushed it around.

But, normally he has smaller items in his trunk. On this particular day, I decided to take a picture of what he had in it - the lid to my teapot, two balls, and a can of kidney beans. (I'm wondering if I should be taking note of these items for our Emergency Preparedness.) He apparently didn't like that I was snooping around, because he came right up and slammed the trunk door shut (as you can see with his hand in the photo).

There is never a dull moment around here! I'm sure it's only about to get better... or do I say worse? Ha!

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Allred Fam said...

Ha this makes me laugh. Once our oldest, probably around 2 1/2, was playing with the (borrowed) BMW keys and then they went missing. We asked him where he put them and he showed us- through the little tiny slit between the carpet and wall on the staircase- therefore putting hiding the keys inside the staircase! Miraculously, my husband played around blindly with a hanger for about an hour, and finally was able to retrieve the keys.