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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Videos

Here are some fun videos of the boys! The first one is Benjamin chasing Audrey around grandpa, giggling and screaming (respectively). The second is of Hugh laughing at grandma's growl (usually is you growl at him, he'll growl back, but in this clip he was mostly just laughing, which was still super cute). And, the third one is of Benjamin falling asleep right in the middle of lunch for the first time (which is a big deal because that boy usually fights sleep like nobody's business).


Kelly said...

Wonderful videos, Megan! So fun to see your boys in action. I can imagine how much fun it was to watch your kids and Mandy's interacting. I did not grow up with cousins, but I sure LOVE that my kids get to. It's a whole new, special kind of bond. The boys are growing quickly! So cute!

candice said...

OH, I just love sleeping babies! :)