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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some thoughts

My mind is weighed down with thoughts. All evening I've been trying to sort through them, hoping to figure out where the bulk of the weight lies.

1 - There were the thoughts about BYU basketball. I can't help it. I bleed blue and always will. I love being excited about my Alma Mater doing amazing things, even when it's just with athletics. (These were clearly not the heavy thoughts.)

2 - Then, I found the thoughts about how I feel about this recent article that seems to be getting all kinds of attention. My response would be something along the lines of, "hmmm, that's an interesting perspective" and "I wonder if people read my blog and think I sugar-coat everything to make my life look more perfect than it really is" and "I don't really care what anyone thinks of what I write or how it comes across, I write for me and from a place in my heart that yearns to be expressed in a certain way" and "I think it's great that we each can express ourselves in our own way, and however we express ourselves we can choose what and how much of a glimpse we allow others to see" and "I think that's a beautiful thing" and "blah blah blah blah blah..."

3 - There were thoughts about a new friend who is just starting the adoption process. I think back to 2006 when we were in that spot and how uncertain and vulnerable it felt to be there. We've come so far. Things have turned out far better than I ever would have imagined. But, I can still feel the fear and doubt that once tried to rule my heart. While I'm glad we aren't there anymore, my heart goes out to those who are in that place - hoping that everything turns out better than they could have ever imagined, too.

4 - I found the heaviest of thoughts to be for my boys. Our days are so packed, even with just the basics of naps and feedings and cleaning up messes, that I often find myself at the end of the day wondering where the time in the day went to just sit and snuggle with them, or to quietly explore the world with them, or to spend some real quality time with them. And, with two that need my love and attention I feel a bit overwhelmed with making sure they're both getting the nurturing that they need. Not that giving them that attention is overwhelming, but I get overwhelmed with worry that what I'm giving isn't enough. I wish I knew how to schedule in more of these quality moments when the nurturing level is at its highest. I think it must be possible, I just need to get better at making more time for more of those moments.

5 - Some thoughts have been too far in the future for them to be of any benefit to anyone right now. Worried thoughts about raising my boys to be good and honest and kind and confident and humble and good at playing soccer and gentle and grateful and so many other things. I can't stand to read stories or hear about troubles that kids have these days. There is so much hurt and confusion and it all just makes me want to move to a small villa in the countryside of Tuscany where I could raise my little family, perhaps a bit shielded from some of life's unnecessary pains (although, that begs the question - are there pains that are necessary? and, are there pains that are unnecessary? that might make a good post for another day.) Doesn't life in Italy just seem a bit simpler and happier? Maybe it's just me.

6 - Elliana and Emmaline have been in my thoughts a lot more recently. After my cousin lost her little girl suddenly and unexpectedly (almost two months ago), it triggered a lot of emotions. Some sadness. Some longing. Some heartache. But, mostly gratitude. And love. Even though losing them was the hardest thing I've yet had to endure, it has been such a powerful change for good in my life. Visits to their gravesite continue to remind us what is really important in life and recommit us to enjoying every moment we have together.

There. That feels better. Now that my thoughts have found their place and priority, I plan on having a better-than-average night of sleep. I love knowing the morning will come with new opportunities.


Mindy said...

I haven't read the article you have spoken of, but have heard a whirlwind about it. And let me tell you, NO. You are not one of those writers. Your blog is probably one of the most real I have ever read. Secondly, I don't see a problem with people trying to focus on positives {with there being a distinct difference between trying to focus on positives and trying to one-up others}. Truth be told, I have a friend who is going through some very difficult times and that is all her blog is about. And before I read it, if I choose to on that given update, I have to tell myself to be prepared for the negativity. I wouldn't feel that way if EVERY post wasn't negative. But they are. Maybe that makes me a bad person for not wanting to read it. Hmmm. Anyway, I digress. I love your blog. That's all.

KieraAnne said...

I had never read or even heard talk of that article before, but having now read it I would like to second Mindy in saying that yours is definitely NOT one of those blogs. I've been to some of the type of blogs she talks about and it's true that they seem to focus more on the positive and not write about the negatives in their lives. Your blog seems to embrace all of life, the good and bad, the joy right along with the pain. I don't enjoy reading too much of those other blogs, they make me feel bad for not being a better mother...not having a cleaner house, trendier clothes, a better attitude about my kids, etc... Yours gives insight into your life experience along with the lessons you've learned along the way. This is helpful and uplifting to me...rather then guilt inducing like the other blogs. So keep up the good work! :)

Becky Rose said...

Meghan- Sarah Rose Perkins has a blog too, if you care to see it. IT's

Allred Mom said...

Thinking of you my dear friend! I'm sorry that you have been burdened with such heavy things. May your thoughts be not so weighed down. You are an amazing person with incredible insight into many things. I hope you had a better than average night of sleep. I also hope that the morning brought you healthy, happy boys! How could they not be happy....they have the best mom in the world! They are so incredibly lucky! Love you tons!

Its a young life.... said...

I asked myself the same question...."why can't I stop reading these blogs?" I found the answer....its the Spirit. The Spirit weaves into my thoughts, and my soul. And so I continue to read.

I love your blog. I found it from the blog of someone else. I have never met you, but I find comfort in reading your blog, even though it is true to life and form. Free of sugar. I thank you for not being sugar coated. Some of my LDS friends are all about the sugar, but you are refreshing and real. I thank you for being an LDS author who really expresses life, and troubles therein.

Marc and Megan said...

Aw, thanks you guys! I really wasn't fishing for any compliments. But, thank you so much for such nice feedback! I'll try to keep on keeping it real.

Stout Ranch said...

Hey Meg! We just wanted to check in to see your boys and how you were doing. Things are progressing for us :) Keep up the photos of your kiddos; we love to watch them grow.

Ence Family said...

Sorry for triggering your emotions. I think you have said it so good. Thank you so much for all your love and support. I am so tthankful for someone who can kind of relate to what we have experienced. Love ya!