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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crawling, Cooing, and The Sweet Life

For a few weeks now Ben has been doing his version of the army crawl all over the place. For some reason his movements have reminded me more of a gecko than an army guy. But, two days ago at seven-and-a-half months, Ben started to officially crawl. On hands and knees he looks so... so big.

He's still supposed to be my baby. And, it isn't helping matters that he's eating more like a big boy than a baby. Today for lunch I boiled half of a zucchini, intending to feed him half now and the other half tomorrow, but he had other plans.

He ate the entire portion, along with at least a cup of applesauce and few cheerios on the side. Now I'll have to come up with some more foods to introduce. He is loving all the fresh produce we're eating this summer, and we're loving it too.

And, just as Benjamin makes these big strides in his growth, Hugh is following suit. He has started to talk like crazy. His raspy cooing comes out more like he's saying "ow" over and over, but since he does it with his open-mouth-scrunched-up-nose smile, I know he isn't calling out in pain.

I arrived to the third hour of church on Sunday fifteen minutes late since I was in the Mother's Room feeding Hugh, and apparently the full tummy coupled with being well-rested made him extra talkative. Because there I was trying to sit quietly through the lesson (the topic of which I cannot even recall), when Hugh decides to give all kinds of input without any encouragement from me. (Okay, I admit I was smiling at him, but I wasn't saying a single word to get him to respond like that.) I know the two of us managed to successfully distract at least the five-person radius around us. Did I feel a little guilty about that? Yes. But, oh man, the joy of finally being the one that has a disruptive baby (and, already for the second time)... I'm loving every minute of it!

I'm in a bit of denial at how fast these two boys are already growing up. Every where I go people make sure I know to "enjoy it, because it goes too fast" and I'm really trying to live 100% in the present right now in order to do just that. But, still I find myself wishing I could freeze time and stay right in this moment for a very long time. Life with two babies is crazy and tiring and all my days seem to blur together like we're in fast-forward. But, when the sun sets and I am lulled to sleep by the soft breathing of my sleeping babies, I am overwhelmed by the sweetness of my blessings. I'm so grateful for the happy tears that accompany me to dreamland now and the middle of the night wakings that end with warm snuggles and open mouth kisses. I never would have imagined my life would ever taste so sweet.

And, even as I taste its sweetness, I can't do it without thinking of some of my dear friends who are still longing for that sweetness to come to their own lives. Now that I'm able to experience the joy and sweetness of motherhood, I find my prayers have intensified for my friends who are still aching to have these same experiences. And, I just get the feeling that their turn is coming and will be even better than they could have imagined!


Courtney Lee said...

Thanks for that post Megan. I am so happy that you are finally able to enjoy motherhood and all of its rich blessings!

Fire said...

You're catching some great smiles! I need to get my camera out more often to try and catch Serenity's.

K said...

Thank you for sharing your journey and for your prayers!

Allred Mom said...

Love the post! Can hardly wait to see Ben crawling! Hopefully, I'll get to see that on Sunday! And to hear Hugh, cooing, too! I'll look forward to the distraction! :D

Cammie said...

What a hearty eater Benjamin is! Soren was the same way and it was rewarding to have him eat so well. I also love your Gecko description. You have a good eye for movement! I remember studying somatics for my major and then after I had Soren it was so exciting to see him go through all of his developmental movement stages and see things I had studied (Gecko/army crawl included). . .and the meanings behind the natural movement.