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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Some highlights of Christmas 2008....

Opening gifts:

German Pancakes for breakfast:


And, finally, one of the sweetest moments of our Christmas morning. It rained non-stop the week before Christmas. Since I've been sick all week, and with the rain, we haven't been riding to the cemetery. We were happy to wake up to the sun shining on Christmas morning, and decided that after the morning activities we would leisurely ride over to the cemetery. There, we found that someone had left a Christmas card at the twins' gravesite.

So sweet.

So precious.

We were so touched. I don't quite know how to explain what it means to know that there are people out there who would have loved our girls so much, had they had a chance to live a little longer... people who love them even without having had a chance to meet them. Moments like this make this mother's heart so tender. 


brossettelewis said...

Your girls have touched (and continue to) many of are hearts. I'm happy you had a enjoyable Christmas.

brossettelewis said...

are = our

*~*kamie*~* said...

That is so sweet. You girls are definitely loved by many.

I love German Pancakes! YUM!

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Lots of Love! Thinking about you.

The Cannon Family said...

I love the photos of the cats birdwatching! Mine used to do that too, to the point of destroying the blinds! Attila even "barked" at them!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad someone did that for you. It's truly amazing how much that can touch a grieving mom's heart. I can't wait to meet you someday. I also can't wait to watch you raise your girls while I raise Wyatt in the Millenium. That will be a an amazing day when our arms will be full and the emptiness and aching will be gone. What a wonderful time for both of us. I think you are amazing!

Mindy said...

I love that your cats stick their heads through the blinds.:) I love German pancakes. And I love that it stopped raining for you. Annnd, that such a sweet girl left your girls that card. :) Merry Christmas indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm super excited you guys are coming up hear 4 nana's b-day it's gonna be so awesome

Allred Mom said...

I'm so glad that Lizzy did that for you! What a special gift for Christmas! You have such special Young Women, who are so thoughtful in your ward! You also have 2 very special young ladies who brought great joy into your lives and you get them for eternity! I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a wonderful trip! Love ya!

Amy said...

Merry Christmas, Marc and Megan - and Happy New Year! To answer your comment on my blog:

It IS crazy to see where we were a year ago. We've covered all parts of the spectrum since then, haven't we? My thoughts and prayers are always and forever with you and Marc, and I feel that we've become such dear friends, too. I would absolutely love to meet up someday.

Here's hoping that the upcoming year has sweet surprises for both of us. I just love ya Megan.

Hugs from afar, Amy

PS - Holy Heavenly Pancakes! I've never had German type - they look awesome!

Christy Bishop said...

I don't have to tell you how loved you are! It is obvious from the comments left on your blog by both strangers and loved ones!

Of course everyone loves your little girls, if they came from you and Marc then we all wanted to know them, to love them, and to be near them. You guys radiate a light that warms everyone around you. All my love!