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Sunday, June 22, 2008


This past Wednesday, the 18th, we had our 16-week ultrasound... which just happened to include looking for the babies' gender. I've been hesitant to even mention this, because after the ultrasound tech told us what she thought they were, she added, "But, don't go painting the room pink just yet."

Yes, at this point, we think they're girls! But, we're going to have another look in a week and a half at our 18-week ultrasound to see if that's still the guess. It's hard to know how much to trust the guess if they're girls, because if they're boys then you have proof... but if they're girls it's just because you lack the proof, which could just be hiding.

So, there's the tentative news... is that anti-climactic?


Kamie said...

Eeeek... *this is me excitedly cheesing it* I am so excited!! (either way, of course!!) =)

Anonymous said...

I hope their girls, though I probably won't get to see them (even though they are my cousins!)


ckkg said...

well, tentatively... YAY!! that is soooo exciting! if they indeed are girls, just beware -- you will become a shopaholic!! girls are so fun to shop for! sooo cool! congrats, tentatively :)

Jen said...

hopefully they are right we got the boy/girl at 12 weeks and they were right. They have better ultrasounds then they used to and they always have to say they could be wrong. Even at 20 weeks they say they could be wrong. I know someone who thought it was a boy and it was a girl. Oops! CONGRATS!!! SO much fun. Shopping is way more fun for girls!

Kim said...

I felt they were girls. I feel weird saying that...did I hope they were girls? Maybe...I think they are girls. I am smiling. I am happy for you. I can't wait to see the pink room! YAY!.

Marc and Megan said...

kamie, your comment totally made me smile! thanks for adding to the excitement!

cherstin, HI!! long time no see! We do need to find a solution to the distance problem... but, we'll make sure that our babies know their cousins!

karli, you're so right... it's already begun! I just can't help myself! :)

jenni, I hope they're right, too... not because I wouldn't want boys, but just because I want to settle my mind on what to plan and prepare for. Hopefully next week will reveal things more clearly.

kim, I can't make any promises about a pink room - I've never been much of a pink fan. But, who knows, maybe that will change! :)

Christian & Jennifer said...

Congrats, you two! That's wonderful news!

Kelly said...

Yay for little girls! Either gender is so different yet so fun, it really doesn't matter! But two girls will be just adorable.

Marc and Megan said...

Jennifer, thanks!! we think it's wonderful, too!

Kelly, we would be excited to have either gender, but it is exciting to think of two adorable girls!

Sis A said...

How exciting! After having 3 boys, I have to admit, when my granddaughter was born I have found that buying for little girls is a lot more fun! Fun!