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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two Hearts Beating

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This past week, on Thursday, we had another doctor's appointment. This time we got to HEAR the babies' heartbeats for the first time. Marc tried to record the sound of it on his PDA, but when we got home we discovered it didn't work. Oh well. At the last two ultrasounds we were able to see their little hearts beating on the ultrasound monitor, but didn't hear them until now. It was really amazing!

As the doctor was identifying the heartbeats for us, I just laid there thinking how unbelievable this entire experience has been. This wasn't supposed to be possible for us. Even after having two months to let the news sink in, I'm still in shock. There really aren't words to describe how awesome it was to hear two rapid heartbeats coming from my body. The forming of life is such a miracle! The coming together of families, however they are made, is such a miracle. God is so merciful in making miracles happen in our lives.

Both heartbeats are strong and healthy. Baby B is always beating a little bit faster than Baby A. This time around Baby A was at 149bpm and Baby B was at 161bpm. They both fall into the normal range of where they should be at this point. One of Marc's all-time favorite movies is Sneakers. I mention that because when we were listening to their heartbeats, it reminded me of that part in the movie when "Whistler," the blind guy, is analyzing the distance between treads on the bridges in the Bay Area. That's kind of what their heartbeats sounded like. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If you don't, you should rent this movie... it is really good.

We still don't know the sexes yet... but, our doctor joked that usually boys have slower heartbeats than girls, and made her early, semi-joking prediction that we have one of each. Our ultrasound technician has already made her very early prediction, too. Maybe we'll have to put up a little poll to let everyone have their say.

In answer to the question of when we'll find out what we're having: As Soon As We Possibly Can. We are anxious to know and start making preparations for their arrival. Our next ultrasound will be next week - for the prenatal genetic screening. They probably won't be able to tell by then, so I'm guessing we'll probably know at the following ultrasound, in another four weeks or so. By then I'll be at 17 weeks. That should be about the right time to know, right?

And, I just have to express our deep gratitude to all of you for your prayers, your well-wishes, your thoughtful comments... and for celebrating with us. We couldn't have been blessed with better family, friends, or blog readers. Thank you so much!!


Jen said...

It is going to be so fun to read about your experience. I felt the same way about getting sick. I didn't care I was just so happy to be pregnant that I thought BRING IT ON! Then when I was a horse at the end I was done with it:) Although I gained LESS weight with the twins then I did with Chase funny. We found out at 12 weeks what we were having so they should be able to tell next week. They didn't give us a definite answer, but an educated guess and they were RIGHT! I guess the boy part goes one way and the girl part looks the same, but goes another way. If you have one of each that we be so much fun. Just wait though until you get asked if they are identical. Yes sounds funny how a boy and a girl could be identical, but I STILL get asked that a lot. So I tell them nicely that a boy and girl can't be identical. Then they realize what a silly question they just asked and walk off.

Jamie said...

So I LOVE the Sneakers reference! I have loved that movie for years. I used to say it was my favorite movie to people. Yeah, Whistler hears the sounds of the road and at the end it sounds like "a cocktail party." Great movie!

I'm glad to read that all is going well. And I enjoyed reading all the answers to those questions in the last post. Very informative.

And I also wanted to say, to make my comment nice and long, that my sister has twins. At an early ultrasound -- maybe 12 weeks -- the tech told her he THOUGHT it was two boys. A month later she was told it was a boy and a girl. But, you guessed it, she ended up with TWO girls! So you might want to wait a little while until you start buying pink or blue clothes just to be sure!

Kim said...

SO FREAKING EXCITED. It is like a drug coming here to get updates. LOVE this post! Love that you got to hear two little hearts beating. How wonderful will it be to have one of each? So, so, so, so, SO incredibly happy for you guys. Your family is in our prayers. Loves.

Trent and Amber said...

Yay for the heartbeats! That is always so exciting (and yet kinda scary) for me to hear! I love that you are updating us all on here and letting everyone share in your joy and lil miracles. I would have to agree with the dr on the heartbeats (one boy, one girl) ;) from what I've read it's "usually" pretty accurate. We'll have to see!! So exciting!! Congratulations!! :)

Angel said...

I didn't even think to click on your name when you posted on my blog until today! When I did, I was so happy to see that you had your own blog. I am super excited for you that you are having twins! I know this has been a long hard road for you. I feel so blessed that I have such amazing friends who have had to deal with such trials and remained so faithful. I saw in one of your earlier posts that motherhood was your #1 Dream Job and that you had never really thought about any other dream jobs. I have always felt the same way. I'll also have to say that amid the trials and discouragements of motherhood come the greatest joys and blessings too! I am so glad that you will be able to experience these joys! Now that I know you are here, I will be checking in with you more often and seeing how you are doing!

Marc and Megan said...

I have felt bad that I've slacked at responding to individual comments, so I'm going to do better starting today.

Jenni, I'm excited that you found out at 12 weeks... we could maybe find out tomorrow, then. I can't wait to find out!

Jamie, it's good to know these early predictions may not be accurate. Our ultrasound tech guessed 2 boys, obgyn guessed 1 of each... so maybe we'll end up like your sister with 2 girls!

Kim, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers - we appreciate them so much! I'm so happy to have you on this journey with us.

Amber, it has been so fun to be in better contact with you in the last few months! Hopefully we'll be over that way in the next few weeks and we can meet up. I'll keep you posted!

Jackie, I'm so glad you found our blog. I've totally loved staying up on what's going on in your life! You still have that same contagious joy and love of life... and I love it!! :)

ckkg said...

oh my gosh, hearing those heartbeats! that is the most amazing sound in the world, huh?! i can't wait to find out what you're having!

Marc and Megan said...

Karli, thanks so much! We are pretty excited to find out what we're having, too!