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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Twenty-nine years ago...

...on May 12th, at about 1:30pm, a little girl was born in a small hospital in Northern California. Two hours later, two states away, in Washington, a little boy was born. It seems to have been destiny that orchestrated the crossing of their paths, after 23 and a half years of separation.

Fast forward to November 2001. It was the first or second day that we were carpooling to school... I was trying to be sneaky in finding out how old Marc was. I had pieced together little bits of information, like when he left on his mission and how close he was to graduating. I had figured that we were probably born in the same year, maybe within a couple of months of each other. The converstation went something like this:

Me: so, you must have been born in 1978?
Marc: yeah, in May.
Me: no way, what day?
Marc: the 12th.
Me: no way! (I was completely speechless, thinking "he found out somehow when my birthday is and he's playing around with me.")
Marc: what's the matter?
Me: I just can't believe it... I was born on May 12th, same year! (still wondering if he's pulling my leg)

This time Marc was speechless, wondering if I was the one playing a joke on him. But, as it turned out, neither of us were joking. We were actually born on the same day. We like to think that we were waiting in heaven together, not wanting to be separated at birth. Fortunately that separation came to an end when we found each other at BYU.

It was a little weird to get used to sharing our birthdays... the first year we celebrated together, we tried to divide up the day - the first half of the day was my birthday, the second half was his birthday. Maybe you can imagine how that turned out. If you can't, then suffice it to say that we never did it that way again. Now, we just treat it almost like our anniversary: we pamper each other all day long - eating out for dinner, little surprises throughout the day, and exchanging gifts.

Today we ran some errands together, and then went to see Spiderman 3 at the theater. For dinner we got take out from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Angel's. Marc had flautas and I had a vegetarian burrito. Mmmmm... very yummy.

It was a wonderful day! Happy 29th birthday to us!

Oh, and our "cake" this year was a Boston Cream Pie.

- Megan

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