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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life is Sacred

First, I really wanted to thank those who left such helpful advice on my last post about transitioning from cribs to big boy beds. Not only was it helpful, it was incredibly comforting to remember I'm not alone in these kinds of changes. As far as an update, we still haven't done anything. Ben hasn't attempted to climb out again, perhaps because the one incident scared him good enough to keep him from attempting again right away. We are planning on changing their sleeping arrangements very soon, even if it's just a bit of a temporary solution for now, but it just hasn't happened yet. Hopefully before they work up their courage to make their next attempted escape!

My thoughts have been all over the place lately... from the miracle of life to the ever-present political goings-on and just about everything in between. I think I'll save some of my more political ramblings for another day, mainly because today needs to be remembered for today.

The twenty-seventh of March will always be marked in my heart as a day to be remembered, whether I plan on it or not. That first miscarriage I had in 2003 had estimated my due date to be the 27th. Today. The date comes around every year with a little less pain and sadness than it did those first couple of years. I know for certain that our current blessings are the main factor in contributing to that healed sadness, for which I am so grateful.

In fact, more than sadness, today I mostly wondered at how different life would be right now if we had an eight-year old. It's so hard to imagine. And, then I just felt awe at how perfectly sorrow and joy have woven themselves through my life, making quite a stunning masterpiece of rich and deep emotions. There have been moments I've admittedly wished away some of those emotions, but now can hardly imagine my life without having known them so intimately and deeply.

My dad, without being aware of today's date, shared this video with me - Conception to Birth. It is amazing and inspiring and beautiful to consider the miracle of life.

On a somewhat related note, I came across a movie today that was released to select theaters this past weekend. It's called October Baby and you can watch the trailer and other background stories about the film at its website. It's basically the story of a young adult girl who finds out she was adopted at birth, after surviving a failed abortion. The movie takes her on a journey to find answers and healing. With any movie that tackles such intense themes, I'm sure there are bound to be some strong opinions associated with it. I would love to see it, but I'm pretty sure it isn't going to come to a theater near me. According to their website the closest theater currently showing it is a couple of hours away. So, if any of you have seen it or end up seeing it, I'd really love to hear your thoughts on it.

And, on a somewhat unrelated note, after reading this story in the news, I'm feeling an even greater appreciation for the details of my experience a month ago that kept my little boys and me safe. I am even more sure of angels (here and beyond) that were sent to watch over us that day. Lots of reminders today of the sacredness of life.


Ashley said...

Crib tent. Life. Saver.

dust and kam said...

Did I know that we shared the same due date? I was due in '04 though I had her in '03. I probably did but I had forgotten.