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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another exciting walk

The weather has been so unseasonably warm this week. And, since I'm starting to feel better (before Monday night it had been two weeks since my last episode of vomiting), I've been getting myself and the boys out of the house as much as possible.

This morning I loaded them in the stroller and we walked the long way around to Ba-Pa and Gi-Gi's house (that's what they call Grandpa and Grandma). I even worked up to a light jog for part of it. Have I mentioned how I keep forgetting I'm pregnant?

The boys were so happy to be out in the sun, but not so happy to be strapped to the stroller side-by-side. I made sure they each had a book and a bus in each hand to keep them occupied. I never seem to anticipate what they can (and will) use as weapons.

I think we were all relieved when we finally arrived at my parents' and had some time and space to run around and create a little excitement in a new environment. We didn't stay too long because I knew it'd take some time and an undetermined number of stops along the way back home to beg the boys for mercy with goldfish crackers, before making it home in time for lunch and naps.

Well, little did I know we should have stayed five minutes longer.

Just as we were approaching the second to last turn of our walk home, I looked up and noticed a group of about 20 guys walking along the street I was just about to turn onto. My first thought, from their camo outfits was that it was some army guys out training together. Now, we don't live in a military town whatsoever, so I'm still not sure why that was my initial thought.

Within about a split second, they broke from their group and scattered into the yard that was facing my approaching intersection, which, mind you, is right on the corner of an elementary school. That was when I noticed the bullet-proof vests and guns drawn. I was still about 30 feet from the corner and suddenly felt very unsafe about moving another inch forward.

My heart was about to beat right out of my chest and with my shaking hand I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Marc. (I almost put it into camera mode to record whatever was about to go down, but fear of actually truly being in danger took over.) Poor Marc. I had to repeat myself... probably because I was talking too fast and whispering and panicking all at once. Once he understood what was going on, he said he'd come quickly.

All while I was trying to explain what I was witnessing, I was backing down the sidewalk away from the action. There was a policeman at the front door yelling, "Police! Open up!" probably about five times before he tried to bust the door in. Then he yelled for someone to check the side door. It was pretty intense for about five minutes. I swear I heard two gun shots at one point and decided it was not worth it to risk trying to approach the intersection yet.

As soon as I saw more policemen coming out to the front yard, looking a little more relaxed, I decided I was probably safe to finish our walk home. That was also about the time I caught eye of Marc coming toward us, ready to restore peace.

I'm not sure what the boys were thinking. I'm pretty sure they weren't even aware of what was going on. Luckily. Seriously, so freaky, though! How is it possibly that I always find so much drama is this tiny town when I'm out on my walks?!

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Tim, Annie, Jack said...

wow it is time for you to roseville.:) Kidding, sort of. Glad you are all safe!