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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our expressive Hugh

For some time I've been meaning to show the many expressions of Hugh. Since the day he was born, it has been a marked trait. When I'm taking photos of him, in a matter of seconds he can go through at least a dozen completely different expressions. Here are just a few, not all taken on the same day, though.

The spaced-out look:


The happy look:

The EXTRA happy look (always consists of a scrunched up nose, an open mouth, and partial tongue):

The playful look:

The serious look:

The talkative look (this is usually his expression when he gets really verbal):

And, here are a few of Benjamin, too, just for fun:

This is actually one of Ben's most consistent expressions - just content and even-tempered...

... and a little goofy!


Mandi said...

CUTE! I can't believe how big both of them are getting! Incredible! I love it. And I love them!

Kaija said...

What wonderful faces!!!