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Monday, March 8, 2010

As of yesterday...

Ben is now ten weeks old.


we now have ten weeks (approximately) before welcoming baby boy #2.

To be completely honest, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Excited, for sure... but also overwhelmed. We've been taking a birthing class and making other preparations for our little addition. Fortunately Ben has been feeling much better these days, after some miserable weeks of acid reflux, gassiness, and constipation. With the absence of pain and discomfort, there have come some better nights of sleep for him and for us, which has resulted in a greater reserve of energy during the day to get things done, and a much happier little guy.

I often find my mind wandering a couple of months into the future, trying to imagine what life will be like with an almost five month old and a newborn. I'm still trying to figure out how all of this happened. I wasn't expecting any of it and I'm feeling more and more undeserving of such rich blessings. I know there isn't anything I've done to deserve this kind of abundance. I count myself simply the beneficiary of God's mercy and love. I know these blessings have come from Him.


Ashley said...

we took our birthing class on saturday. the biggest point we got out of it was 'please don't fish the mucus plug out of the toilet and bring it to the hospital; we don't need to see it.'

i'm so excited for you three!!! how wonderful!!!

Rachel Doyle said...

Hi you don't know me but I read your blog from Andrea & Wyatt Larsen's blog. I too have lost a baby son way to early so I understand what that kind of pain is. I however, was blessed with a baby girl 11 months after his birth and her sister followed 9 monhts later. So I had a newborn and a nine month old and I won't lie it is overwhelming at times but oh so worth it. You will be fine -- you have battled infertility and the loss of children!

Miss Cherry said...


What on earth do you mean 'undeserving' and that you 'don't know what you did to deserve such rich blessings from God'? I have never known a more deserving woman in my life. Your constant and unwaivering faith in the Lord, your willingness to put His will before your wants, opening your home for another's child to love and raise as your own makes you a superhero in my eyes. I'm always overjoyed when I think of your reward for all the sacrifice and suffering you've gone through. I cant think of a more appropriate reward or anything I would want more for you. Congrats!

Love you,