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Friday, May 8, 2009

To Our Angel Mothers

"All that I am or ever hope to be,

I owe to my angel mother."

- Abraham Lincoln

Family Portrait - 1981 (roughly)

Family Portrait - 1984 (roughly)

I blame my parents and the family I was blessed with for the painfulness of my childlessness. It's all their fault that I've always wanted a van full of kids. My childhood memories are too sweet and far too joyful to ever give up that dream. I'm amazed at how my Mom managed a home of eight hungry mouths (nine, if you count my Dad) and 80 dirty fingers, and on top of that provided us with the luxuries of homemade bread and handmade dresses (for the girls, I mean). I don't know how she did it. She is more than an angel.

I know Marc echoes the same sentiments for his Mom, as he grew up under a similar roof with goodly parents, a van full of kids, and the luxuries of homemade bread and Hostess fruit pies (although the pies should probably be attributed to his father, the Dentist). I never would have imagined I'd be blessed to marry into a family so much like my own. From the day I met Marc, I knew he must have an angel for a mother, too.

Happy Mother's Day, to both our Moms. We love you.

I was noticing in both the photos above the rather serious expressions on my face... I have to remember to ask my parents about that.

Was my general demeaner as a child always so serious?


My Favorite Things said...

Megan, I thought about you and Emmaline and Elliana today. We sung hymn 299 in RS today and the last verse seemed very appropriate to you and your girls.

Though he giveth and he taketh, God his children ne'er for-saketh; His the loving purpose solely to preserve them pure and holy.

Your girls surely have been preserved pure and holy.

Happy Mothers Day.

Mindy said...

I just wanted to drop in and say I was thinking about you and your girls yesterday! Hope the day went well. :)

Parenthood For Me said...

Great photos. Because of the way I was raised it added extra pain at the thought of not being parents. Thank you for you submission to the contest. I left a blurb of it on my blog and a link to your site.

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you :D

Kim said...

Beautiful post.