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Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover Meal

Tonight we enjoyed a Passover meal with my parents and Yui, a friend from Japan, who is visiting. The food was delicious and authentic (as far as we know), and enjoying it with family was wonderful. Included in our menu was: matzah (flatbread), haroset (fruit and nut mixture), roasted eggs, bitter herbs, lentil soup, bulgur and onion pilaf, cucumber salad, kalamata olives, cheese, cantaloupe, grapes, and grape juice. We sat on the floor and used the flatbread as our eating utensils. 

This week as we've been reading the events of the final week of the Savior's life, I've reflected again and again, trying to imagine what it might have been like to be there and where I would have stood. Would I have been waiting at the entrance of Jerusalem to welcome Christ? Would I also have laid down palm leaves?

Or at the Last Supper, also a Passover meal, surrounded by Christ and his chosen apostles, would I have understood the magnitude of what was about to happen? When He declared that one among them would betray him, would I have been as humble as John in asking, Is it I?

Or at the cross on that awful Friday afternoon, would I have stood with the other faithful women in the Savior's life? Would I have understood His promise of rising on the third day?

As Sunday morning, Easter morning, approaches I find myself wondering - would I have come eagerly to the empty tomb, anticipating His victory over death? Would I have believed that He would actually do what He prophesied He would do? And, would it have mattered to me?

And with all of these "would I have?" questions, I find these same questions wandering to the present tense...

Where do I stand today? 


My Favorite Things said...

Great question about today. Something we all should think about.

My Favorite Things said...

Have you seen the new Mormon Messages video on You Tube from Elder Hollands talk in General Conference this last weekend. It's great. I love these words he says:
Passover Thursday, Atonement Friday, Resurrection Sunday

Andrea said...

You are amazing Megan...thank you for this and all of your posts. I hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow.
Love ya!

Allred Mom said...

I know you would have been at all of those places because I know that you know. I know that you stand as a disciple of Christ and you exemplify Him in so many ways! Thanks for being you!